Book Review of Sin | It Is Not About Heaven Or Hell


The author approaches the book by first addressing several misconceptions about sin, such as: “it is impossible to live a totally sinless life as long as you are on the earth”; “it is all about where I will spend my eternity – heaven or hell”; “to be sinless is to be holy”. He then skillfully weaves scripture with scripture, for the rest of the book, in an effort to falsify these notions and build the right ones in the heart of the reader.First, he touches on being sinless. The book makes it clear that the believer isn’t supposed to have sinlessness as a goal (in life) to be diligently and tirelessly pursued after; instead, it declares boldly that you were rendered sinless at salvation and on top of that, salvation empowers you conclusively to live a sinless life effortlessly – it is your nature. The author draws on an analogy to buttress this point. He suggests that the best way to stop a dog from barking forever is not to train and discipline it to stop, but to somehow change it’s nature to that of another, perhaps a cat. By so doing, just as it is ‘unnatural’ for a cat to bark, it would be ‘unnatural’ for the ‘transformed’ dog to bark. In light of this, just as it is ‘unnatural’ for a cat to bark, it is ‘unnatural’ for a believer, who has been redeemed, to sin. He addresses this by expressing that the work of Christ took away the sin nature of man and, in its place, put a nature of righteousness.

He then moved on to point that the subject of sin has nothing to do with where you, as a Christians, would spend your eternity – heaven or hell. In other words, at the point of salvation, and the death of your old nature, you became a new creature, a permanent citizen of the kingdom of heaven, currently on assignment on the earth. The author doesn’t blindly make these assertions, but diligently points them out through numerous scriptural references. While on this subject, he also points out that all the perfection a believer would experience would be achieved here on earth; there’s no last-minute perfection exercise as we transition to heaven. All that happens at the point of our transition is that we put off this earthly body(shell) and put on a ‘heavenly’ one. You still remain you; your character, personality, etc.


Next, the author briefly makes the argument that holiness is beyond being sinless. Much of this topic isn’t covered in this book, however, as it is central focus in another book, “Holiness – Beyond the Sinless life”.


Having addressed these misconceptions, the author turns the attention of the reader to the danger of neglecting the provisions of sinless living in our salvation package. First, he says that sin is a power/anointing dampener. The battle of the enemy for sin is not about your place in heaven, but it is an uprising against your place in power and dominion here on earth. Sin not only weakens anointing, it also prevents growth/increase in anointing level. He leaves this point by making giving this word of advice: “Friends, it is not about heaven or hell; please guard your anointing jealously.”


Secondly, the author discusses that sin is a spiritual growth inhibitor. Sin, he says, would keep you from growing spiritually and make your life no different from those that do not know the Father.


Another danger of sin discussed in the book is that sin breaks the hedge. Every child of the kingdom is surrounded by a wall/hedge of covering and sin causes a breach to this covering. The author points out that a broken hedge would result in a life lived subject to the limitations of this present world.


In the final section of the book, the author talks about the key to living a sinless life. The key is walking in love. Right after stating that, the author declares that love is spiritual and not emotional. Philanthropy, as the world erroneously thinks, is not love. Love can only be found in God and is expressed only through the children of the kingdom in proportion to their level of fellowship with the Father. He then gives a final word of advice as he brings the book to a close saying, “Stop trying to act or do love; manifest love and this is only possible through surrendering your life to God and allowing the Holy Spirit to live through you.”


This book passionately presents the gospel of Christ as the eternal solution to the sin ‘problem’ of man and declares that they that are redeemed of the Lord can effortlessly live a sinless life by allowing the Holy Spirit work out the nature of God in them – the nature of love!


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