Book Review | Holiness: Beyond A Sinless Life


This book strives to distinguish between sinlessness and holiness. For most people, these two expressions are equivalent and thus, can be used interchangeably. As you lend your attention to the author, you will discover how he argues that this is, in fact, not the case.


The author starts by making it emphatically clear that there is a call to holiness and this is not a side note or a simple suggestion, but a command of God to all His children. He goes on to carefully distinguish between sinless living and holiness. As an anchor, he quotes Apostle Paul, who, while writing to the saints in Corinth said, “…all things are lawful to me, but not all things are expedient…” (1 Cor.10:23). He goes on to say that, as Paul argues, God isn’t merely calling us to a lawful life, but to far higher! The reader may ask, “What is this ‘higher’ calling?”


The author pauses on this momentarily to exhaust a list of what holiness is not. He debunks the misconception that a sanctimonious, pious demeanor best typifies holiness. He buttresses his point with this statement, “holiness is not what you do, but who (or what) you are.” Therefore, holiness is not a mood or a feeling, it is far more than that. Another misconception that the book addresses is that of religiosity. The author argues strongly, with scriptures, that holiness is not religiosity. Whilst religiosity draws satisfaction from spiritual (religious) activities and exertions, holiness draws satisfaction from deep, personal fellowship with the Father, and little from activities.


Having pointed out what holiness is not, he presents a passionate exposition on what holiness is. “It is the total revelation of the character of God”, he says. Holiness is more than just abiding by what is lawful; it is demonstrated in a life of love, justice, mercy, grace, power, purity, cleanliness, wrath (yes, that too), etc. This is the express image of God and this is what Jesus is calling us to. The author points to love as the key to ceaseless depths of the manifestation of holiness. Love (as a fruit of holiness) is not just doing what’s lawful (or right), but putting others ahead of yourself in the process.


If you are wondering about what to do to walk in holiness, the author presents a straight answer – Yield to the Holy Spirit! He says that the Holy Spirit is our only hope of achieving holiness; no wonder He is referred to as the Spirit of Holiness. The book draws to a close with the author sharing two principal keys to living a ‘yielded’ life, they are Obedience and Discipline.


In conclusion, this book passionately hopes to shift the focus of the believing reader from sinless living to holy living, which is marked, not by adhering to rules or laws, but a sincere love for God and others. This kind of love is only achievable when we yield totally to the Spirit of Holiness.


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