Games are a fun way to relax and are much more fun when there are prizes to be won. Game Week helps the participants to learn/discover (more about) the Father's love and grace, and who they are (or can be) in Him in a fun, relaxing and rewarding way.

Rules of the Game

  1. Game Week shall last for a duration of 30 days (4 weeks) per season

  2. Interested participants shall be expected to play the game of the season within this time frame. Any submissions after this time frame shall not be considered as a valid submission for the main prize.

  3. For any submission/entry to be considered as a valid entry for the main prize, the participant/player must take a screenshot of his/her result page and share same (and tag/mention '@iinchrist') on any of the approved social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  4. Prize winners shall be contacted at the end of the season via mail and shall be expected to respond as instructed within three (3) days.

  5. If no response is received within the stipulated time, the next person in line shall be allocated the pending position and shall be contacted with the aim of receiving the attendant prize.

  6. All winners shall be announced two (2) weeks from the end of the concerned season. This is to give us ample time to collate results and send the prizes to their respective winners


Deciding Prize Winners

Prize winners shall be determined in the following order:

  1. Highest score

  2. Number of attempts (if multiple entries are allowed)

  3. Fastest time of completion

  4. First to share on any of the accepted social media platforms 

  5. First to start playing the game

  6. In the event, we still have a tie after the above criteria, a  random draw shall be done to determine winners and/or positions


  1. Every participant of Game Week is guaranteed a prize for participation.

  2. Nevertheless, we award the top three performers special prizes in addition to the general prize for participation.

  3. Prizes shall be clearly stated in the promotional materials for any season

Redeeming the Prizes

  1. Once participants successfully complete playing the game of the season, an email containing instructions on how to access the prize of participation shall be sent to the email with which they registered for the game.

  2. Winners of the main prizes shall also be contacted via mail with instructions on how to receive their prizes.

  3. Please note that participants/winners shall never be required to pay any fees in order to receive/redeem their prizes.

Terms and conditions

1. No member of staff of 'I IN CHRIST Online Church may enter this competition

2. By providing us with your contact details, you permit I IN CHRIST Online Church and her representatives to send you emails concerning subsequent seasons of game week, upcoming events and other uplifting contents. We would never spam you.

3. By participating in the game week, you give I IN CHRIST Online Church and her representatives the full rights to use your name and results in any promotional material or in any way she deems fit

4. By providing us with your contact details, you attest that the details you provided are yours and that they are current and accurate. I IN CHRIST Online Church shall not be held responsible for the consequences of inaccurate details provided.



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