We are coming to the very last days of the church and there is the coming of a new move of God.

Soon there shall be the prevalence of the “Perfection”  teaching/movement.


 I don’t know how long this movement would last; but this I know, after this movement shall yet be another movement built upon the perfection movement - one with the manifestations of such wonders as yet to be seen and then the end shall come; for the Lord is coming to rapture a spotless and blameless bride (i.e. church).

Presently, there are seven (7) pioneers of the new “perfection based on grace” movement, across the six continents of the earth and all shall teach the same messages and manifest the same order of signs and wonders.


The “perfection movement” is begun, and the I IN CHRIST Church is one of these seven.


The I IN CHRIST Church is a global ministry sent to take the gospel of Christ to the world via four major arms:

  • The Word-Reach Ministry (i.e. crusades, conferences, etc. )

  •  The Media Ministry (i.e. internet, radio, TV, books, etc.)

  •  Helps Ministry (i.e. charity projects)

  • Youth Ministry.

All actions of the ministry are geared towards spreading the gospel of Christ, with the prophetic and healing power (among other signs) confirming the Word. 




The summary of the mission and vision of the ministry are as follows:


1. To lead all to the Lord Jesus as the only way of salvation


2. To teach all to love the Father and seek Him for who He is and not because of needs


3. To make established and powerful sons (not babes) of the Kingdom out of men


4. To take the gospel of Christ to every city of the world 




In pursuit of the mandate to draw men to the Father and teach people how to achieve perfection, the I IN CHRIST Church  works on two fronts;


1. Drawing men to Christ via its crusades and various outreaches


2. Perfecting those that are already in Christ via our online church 




The ministry has been sent forth to teach a three-fold message as follows:


1. The truth and possibility of Christian perfection and holiness


2. The revelation of God the Father as Mercy, Compassion and Love


3. The truth and beauty of fellowship with the Father and how to effectively fellowship with the Spirit 


Opening Hours: 0800 HRS and 2100 HRS WAT daily 

Telephone: +234.812.117.6531

WhatsApp: +234.702.026.5765

Email:  enquiries@iinchrist.org


Address: 15 Rumugwanwu Street off NTA Road Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Let us be part of your growth in the Kingdom.  Our online community provides all you need for a victorious/perfect Christian life.


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