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About Us

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We are in the very last days of the church.

There are yet two major spiritual movements before the second coming of our Lord Jesus. First is the prevalence of the 'perfection' teaching, and then another built on the perfection movement ( a movement with manifestations of such wonders as yet to be seen.)

The Lord is coming to rapture a spotless and blameless bride (i.e. church) and He is coming soon

Presently, there are seven (7) pioneers of the new “perfection based on grace” movement, across the six continents of the earth and all shall teach the same messages and manifest the same order of signs and wonders.


The “perfection movement” is begun, and the I IN CHRIST Church is one of these seven.


The summary of our mission and vision are as follows:


1. To lead all to the Lord Jesus as the only way of salvation


2. To teach all to love the Father and seek Him for who He is and not because of needs


3. To make established and powerful sons (not babes) of the Kingdom out of men


4. To take the gospel of Christ to every city in Africa

We teach a three-fold message:


1. The truth and possibility of Christian perfection and holiness


2. The revelation of God the Father as Mercy, Compassion, and Love


3. The truth and beauty of fellowship with the Father and how to effectively fellowship with the Spirit